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How can such annotation recognize both what is particular to a work of art and its cultural embeddedness? How can the work of annotation practically preserve both the contextual possibilities of a given work and its stubborn, artifactual difference even from the cultural reality from which that work springs. One model for this task is Dorothy George's magisterial 11 volumes on political caricature in England. Among the features that would warrant indexing are: allied works in an artist's own oeuvre and that of orther artists; contemporary reviews; correspondence, and commentary on the image; contemporary events or analogues.

For example, let's say a painting by J. Turner can be linked to an event and various operatic or burlesque theatrical productions. How might we annotate all of these? Or, say the image is Wright of Derby's air pump experiment.

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How might we indicate this painting's relationship to Dutch genre painting, the Lunar Society and dissenting science, and subsequent scientific demonstration at the Royal Institution? Third, how does the process of digitization risk or compromise the images it reproduces?

How might digitization enhance or emphasize what it reproduces? Specifically, what is the difference between seeing an image on a computer screen and seeing it on paper, on canvas, in stone?

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What is the texture, the materiality of the virtual image? What is its original size and how might we mark the virtual image to recognize its true size? In what ways can we remain attentive to these differences even in the virtual medium? Conversely, how might digitization make features of the art object more accessible? University of Virginia Blake Archive Project has developed mark-up software for this purpose and offered us its assistance.

We anticipate extensive collaboration with those who have worked on the Blake Archive project; we also expect to adapt the marking codes developed for Blake images so that the codes we actually develop will be appropriate to the more differentiated visual field we wish to construct. Go to Fraistat, Digitizing Romanticism: Introduction. Skip to main content. Romantic Circles has moved! It also has a new look. This could have been done in a better and more readable fashion. Overall, this short story had much potential that unfortunately wasn't realized.

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Jul 18, Mell added it Shelves: fiction , don-t-waste-your-time. Not enough of anything here plot, character development, etc. This could be a good concept, if the story was more developed. Texts do not make a story. This is a very short novella under 40 pages. I thought it was a little slow to start when I first read through it. Halfway through the texts begin, and then I couldn't read fast enough!

I did figure out who her admirer was way before the end. Since I already knew what to expect, it was much more amusing reading it the second time around!

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This story is humorous, cute, and very sweet. Killian McRae is an exceptional writer! I've only read her short stories, but A Love by Any Measure and I'll have to read them very soon!

  1. Birmingham Girls.
  2. Chritsmas With Uncle Bonkers and Squawk;
  3. House of Spirits and Whispers: The True Story of a Haunted House;
  4. (Only) Halfway to Everywhere.
  5. Accidental Soldier: A Reserve Officer at West Point in the Vietnam Era.

View 1 comment. Oct 06, Linsey marked it as rewritten-fanfic. See comments. Sep 08, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle , , former-fanfic. This review can also be found at Book Boudoir. I actually read this as fanfiction originally but I'm always curious to see the differences of a former fanfic. Sometimes they are drastic, other times not. This is one of the 'not' times. It's a really cute, short story but it did have some spots that needed editing for typos and such.

But really, I'm all about some typos myself so it didn't distract me too much but if you're a stickler about that, it might get under your skin. As someon This review can also be found at Book Boudoir.

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As someone that texts a lot, in particular, a significant other, you'll probably smile while reading CR. There's a lot of flirting, a smidgen of 'mystery' in the form of the secret admirer, though I'm sure you'll figure out who he is quickly. Jun 19, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance. Cute cute short story. I read this quickly with another novella last night and was l left reading with a smile.

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The text messages are a bit to follow who wrote which one but it was really really cute. Aug 01, Katie babs rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf-award , p2p-fan-fiction. This is former Twilight fanfic, Contextually Speaking by Hopeful. Jan 06, Gabriella rated it it was ok. This story isn't that great. I read it with the hope that there would be a great story line and ending. Well, I was highly disappointed with the way this book ended.

I was expecting the story to continue when it didn't. The build up to Katherine meeting Shy was okay. But it left out hope that after they met, the real romance would start. But it ended in a way that I guess is supposed to make us assume they had a happily ever after. I guess I was just craving more.

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  • The plot had so much potential This story isn't that great. The plot had so much potential to it. Sep 28, Lisa rated it liked it. This was a short, cute story! Sweet and endearing I picked this ebook up on Kobo for free there was some editing issues, misspelled words and such but nothing horrible It's worth picking up if you are looking for a quick read. Sep 03, Gabby rated it really liked it Shelves: , cr , freebie-amazon , friends-to-lovers , lousy-or-embarrasing-covers , shorty-and-goody.

    I loved it, because it was fresh, and remind me when I started getting online. Her writing is nice, funny, smart. I'm forwarding reading more about her. Jun 29, Lotta rated it it was ok.