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So that's consistent, low usage. An underused classic of sorts. I do think it is quite pretty and never even knew some people pronounce it with an "EEN" ending. I have to disagree with Nameberry. The ending pronounced as -in sounds like a boys name. Although the -een ending does sound a little dated. If I didn't have a relative named Korynne, I'd definitely use 'Corinne' in a heartbeat! Very beautiful name.

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The name Corinne is a girl's name of French origin meaning "maiden". Find other names based on Corinne using our baby name generator.

“My warmest wishes are for Corinne and her art, as I have unlimited confidence in her”

Popularity Rank in US: Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. Cancel Save. Daiseymae Says: T I only pronounce this name your way.


Corinne Says: T This is my name and I love it! Lou Says: T I also prefer the -reen ending. Zelliew Says: T Yes -that's right.

Corinne Noordenbos

Her project about Alzheimer after her mother was diagnosed with the disease. Her work has been exhibited all over the world. Her contribution to education in the Netherlands has impacted on the development of photography internationally.

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Her former students are now at the forefront of contemporary practice and the development of the book form can be clearly celebrated in the work of former students like Rob Hornstra, Vivianne Sassen and Wassink Lundgren amongst many others. Noordenbos was born in Amsterdam where she still lives and works. As a freelancer she has worked for a large variety of Dutch magazines making portraits and documentaries. Now available! If you are around….. You are lucky, we had a sudden cancellation!

So take your pick and submit! The COPD project develops! Working now with home visits of patients due to the fantastic cooperation with medical and nursing staff in Sandwell and Walsall and the willingness of patients to share their story with us.

follow Acompained by good food prepared by our host studio Galembeck, the participants will be engaged with the construction and evaluation of their professional profile, artist statement and portfolio. Debate about all dillema's professionals face making their next step. The preparation of the Valongo Festival is in full swing!

DIY Prepper Peppers, Corinne VS THE END OF THE WORLD!

It will be held from Oct in Santos, Brazil. I am very happy to be invited to give a lecture and workshop in this fantastic situated festival! Thanks to Becky Sexton for the brilliant research and preparation of this trip. It was said to be for what they call "my long contrivution to Dutch photography education and promotion of Dutch photography abroad".

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I am deeple moved by the nomination and the enormous support of so many people. It leeves me speechless! Lecture for the faculty, portfolio seminars and workshop for undergraduates. Terrific collaboration with Irina Rozovsky and Matthew Connors, very eager students!

In a circle of good friends and collegues, I received the Educational Award in a festive ceremony in London today.