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Stan is convinced he can quit on his own but finds himself becoming more and more addicted. He steals from his family and friends but gets caught trying to rob Greg and Terry. An overeager hostage negotiator gives him money and a plane and he heads to Columbia where he soon finds himself destitute. A street punk tries to rob him but can't do it without help. Stan realizes that getting help does not make you weaker.

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Episode Guide. Does it matter how the ingredients are added? In your picture of the ingredients is shows the ranch dip mix. Is this generally what you use or the dry dressing mix? I noticed one person said they thought it was salty and I think the dip mix is saltier than the dressing mix so I was just curious? I use the dip mixture typically, but assumed they were the same. I will check it out to see the difference! I was shopping for the ingredients for this and figured out the dip mix has over mg more sodium than the dressing mix. So I would definitely stick to the dressing mix if you are worried about saltiness.

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Hope this helps. First night I made this it was not a big hit. I had to come up with a solution to use the leftovers in a way that was still low carb so I added a rather large amount of Louisiana hot sauce and that flavored it up enough that the husband and I ate it served with a side of broccoli. If so, was it good?

I forgot to pick it up at the store and we are about to get hit with another snow storm before I can get to the store again. Maybe that will work. I have made it without the ranch mix by substituting chopped chilies. Made really outrageous enchiladas! Made this today and it was not a hit.

The Original Slow Cooker Crack Chicken Recipe |

Looked really good but not something Id fix again. We ended up getting take out. Definitely going to try this — but will save it under a different name! And going to try the homemade ranch dressing, too. I make something similar to this.

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I use 2 cups of white sauce flavored with chicken bouillon, one cup of ranch dressing, and 8 oz of cream cheese. Cook on low for 5 hours, during last hour I add 1 lb of cooked and drained rotini noodles. I make sandwiches out of the leftover chicken the next day too, which are the best.

Thank you for this recipe. I love crockpot cooking. I am on weight watchers so I think this will fit in nicely. So excited to try it. Are you kidding? LOOK at the fat and calories for this thimg! I saw this recipe on Facebook, I used frozen chicken tenders, used 1oz of Ranch Seasoning, and substituted 8oz cream cheese wth 8oz goat cheese. It is tasty…. Did anyone find this to be salty? Notice it more. What can I add to this recipe to help cover the strong salt taste?

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I did try this recipe. Trying this tomorrow for dinner but having a hard time deciding if I should stick with the 2 regular cream cheese or try it with one bacon and one regular.

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  6. Which do u think is best? I really like both…but I have always made it with plain up until the day I made it for this post and thought I would try it! If you like spice you can add the jalapeno cream cheese!! Might be a silly question, is there a way to modify the recipe to use regular ranch dressing instead of the dry mix? Not really, but I think someone posted a link in the comments with a recipe for homemade ranch seasoning! Thank you! My family loved it! I am always looking for something new to make. I love to cook but, cooking for seven people is a challenge.

    We will deffinatly be having this on a regular basis.

    When you say just toss it all in the slow cooker, do you cut the chicken breasts first or just throw them in? Take this recipe and put it on a Hawaiian bun with sweet Cole slaw on top of the bacon. Also, instead of crumbling the bacon just put 2 crispy strips on it. Not a hit!! Will not be making this again. Thanks anyway! I have large breasts! No puns please. This was delicious I put 2 lbs chicken, 1 package of spicy ranch dressing,1 8 oz regular cream cheese, 1 8 oz container of bacon flavored cream cheese and 8 oz of crumbled pepper bacon!

    It is in the crock pot now. I went low carb 4 months ago. This recipe is perfect for my new lifestyle. I will get rolls for my teenager and just eat mine plain with a side salad. I am making this now and its only been cooking an hour and half and is burning and sticking to sides of crockpot! What am I doing wrong?

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    Is it on high or low? I had it on high but switched it to low. Still had it sticking and burning. Had to stir it several times an hour. Not something I could throw together and leave all day while at work. I am earing it now and its VERY good but a little on the dry side. I checked and rechecked. I left it soaking last night….

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    I added water, a cup or so, then also added chicken broth. I would maybe thin it down with sour cream? I made this tonight. Well, I made a half batch, used homemade ranch mix.

    Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

    Thanks for sharing. This is amazing! However after eating half a serving I found it too rich for my personal taste, has anyone every tried adding diced tomatoes? Or anything to freshen it up? Does the chicken need to be fully thawed first? I often buy the frozen bags of breasts and was just wondering about that. I tried it with the cream cheese with jalepno in it. It was really good. Great recipe. This is comfort food to the max!