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Alternatively, if you need to convert only to Kindle, Amazon provides free conversion software called Kindlegen.

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In our experience, programming your own EPUBs by hand is easier. This feels like programming in a time warp. The typical structure of an EPUB file. The container. The HTML is also very straightforward. Unfortunately, EPUB 3. Of course, all of this speculation about the future is somewhat theoretical. And let me know in the comments how it turned out and what worked best for you. About The Author Jason is an educator, business owner, and author.

Making an eBook is easy, regardless of your coding experience. This is good, because That's because your book file needs to be pretty simple to convert it to ebook. I'm going to use Kafka's The Trial for this tutorial. Hopefully you've been using the "Header 1" tag for all your Chapter Titles - so you should already have a "Navigation Panel" showing up with your chapters. You may need to get rid of some troublesome features; you can use the Search and Replace feature to do so. Your paragraphs should be indented with the "line space options" - if not, you can set the indent and then "update normal to match style".

Your first line of new sections should already be using a non-indent style different from "normal".

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You should have added a new page break between sections. And if you have any images, you'll probably need to add them in later. This is what my Word file looks like:. I've set up a simple conversion tool on my book covers site that you can use to test things quickly. Click on this link to try it out: free ebook conversion tool. The mobi file wouldn't open with my Kindle application for some reason I'm getting it checked.

How to write and publish an ebook with Google Docs (outline feature)

But the epub version looks great! I'm viewing it with Adobe Digital Previewer. The chapter heading style, italics, centering and non-indent on the first paragraph all came through fine. Luckily there's a very simple trick for making Mobi files from the epub. Download the Kindle Previewer application for desktop. Then just drag and drop your epub file into the program - it will automatically convert to mobi and save the new file in the same folder that your epub was in.

Upload your files to Kindle, or preview them with as many previewer tools as you can to make sure they look OK. This is what the program looks like. First I'll click on "Add Book" from the top left corner and choose my file. Then I'll click "Edit Metadata" to change the details and add my cover. Then I'll click on "Convert Books. On the left menu there are some more options, such as "Look and Feel.

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If my simple converter didn't work and you need to fix something removing spacing between paragraphs for example you may be able to do it here. When you're ready, hit the green checkmark "OK" on the bottom. It will think for awhile, and then the new format will show up on the right side. Do this for mobi and epub or just epub and use the Kindle Previewer trick , then click "Save to Disk" and choose where you want to save it.

What Is an Ebook?

A lot of ebook formatters may take issue at my first two suggestions - they aren't the best way to make ebooks and the code may not be super clean. But for Kindle and the majority of ebook viewers, the files will work just fine.

Plus, simple is better. But if you want to learn to "do it right" - or you need to troubleshoot your ebook file for example, you caught a typo you need to fix Sigil is your best bet. Also a free program click here to get it Sigil lets you open up epub files and make changes. It only works for epub, so you'll need to save your epub and remake a new mobi file. The first page is the cover - and it may seem stretched because it will automatically adjust to the screen width.

This is what Sigil looks like. Each "section" is saved as it's only unique html file - you can see them in the menu on the left. So I need to click on them until I get to the one I want to edit. Here's chapter one. I can edit, add, erase anything in the text just like a normal word processor. I can also add bold, italics and basic formatting from the top menu. It also has a "find and replace" feature which can be really helpful if you want to change all instances of something like you changed the name of your character from Bill to Tom. To make simple changes, Sigil is worth getting to know, so you don't have to keep going back to a coder or formatter.

If something is displaying strangely, you can hit the "code" view button next to the "Book View" which is the default. Then you'll see the code, but be careful about changing things if you don't know what you're doing. Your Chapter Headings should still be using the 'h1' style. If everything else looks OK, you can hit "Tools" and check that your cover, metadata details about the book and Table of Contents are right clicking "Generate Table of Contents" will add all the header tags, but you can uncheck any extra ones that shouldn't be there.

My "Chapter One" is using the "h1" tag which translated all the way through from my Word document - that's why we use the "Heading 1" style. If I click on "styles" on the left, I can see the stylesheet - that's an external document that tells the html what it should look like. Right now that stylesheet is very simple, but I can add to it. Let's change the font of the chapter headings.

Where to self-publish an ebook

First, we need to import the font. I choose Stag - but I'm not sure if I want light or bold, so I added both. The fonts will show up in the fonts folder. That "src" needs to be the exact link to your font, so it has to match the font name on the left exactly. If you want to simplify it, you can right click over the font and "rename" it to something simple.


How to Create an ePub File

Now that I've added that to the top of my stylesheet, I can go down to the bottom and add new instructions for the H1 tags. At first this wasn't working for me, so I went in and checked the code. Instead of clean H1 tags there was some other code the dangers of using Calibre, which doesn't use clean tags. So I removed it and just used:. I highlighted the first sentence and hit the uppercase button. But that looked a little too busy. Instead I'm going to be content with just changing my subtitle to "h3" to make it stand out a bit more.

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This just adds the picture to the program but doesn't put it in the book; I need to hit "insert" and "file" to choose the picture I've just added. Then I can center and adjust it. In this one, there is too much white space around the graphic but I can't trim that off in Sigil, I'd need to crop it in an image viewer or graphics program, save it, and try again.

One thing to notice: my computer screen is pretty wide, but If I make the window more narrow like most ebook readers my subtitle breaks into two lines. This is annoying, but common - the only way to fix it would be to make the text smaller.