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Topic: Retail Sales. By Bob Phibbs.

My take on the news? Here are 9 points how to sell for any retailer: 1.

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They filled the store with models and oftentimes clerked rather than sold the product On top of that, many dealers hired enthusiasts as sales people. Motorcycle dealers have got to sell the thrill of a motorcycle, not a cheap piece of metal. In the article a reporter from Dealer News hit it on the head, "The enthusiasm for motorcycling never went away. Topics: Retail Sales. Subscribe to our newsletter. Get our weekly newsletter updates. More blogs on this. In many cases, overly personalized modifications like custom paint can actually drop a bikes value, and make it very difficult to sell.

When selling, the closer you are to OEM, the better. An internet forum specifically for your model of bike is the best place to unload these items for a fair price. Think about the last time you went shopping for something second-hand online, and think about what stood out to you vs.

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Great photos are essential to getting a high amount of interest in your bike, which will result in more qualified buyers and, ultimately, a higher price. Unfortunately, as easy as it is to make your ad stand out with excellent photos, taking those photos is something very few sellers manage to do. In order to get great shots of your bike, make sure it is completely clean, and move it to a location with lots of bright light and a pleasant, but plain background.

You want all the attention on your bike, not on anything else that might be in the photo. Hold the camera very still and take a large number of photos of the bike at all angles, and take the best photos out later to use in your ad. Show the bike in its entirely, but also show close-ups of any really nice features, and also, clearly indicate any damage in the photos they will see it when the come to see the bike anyway, so be honest and make it clear up front.

Overall, the more information you give in your ad, the better, because it will help the sales process become smoother and faster later. Lots of information and high-quality photos will show buyers that you are a serious seller, and will keep the looky-loos and tire-kickers away, while only attracting serious buyers who are genuinely interested in your bike. Often, these are just dreamers wasting your time, or vultures looking for a desperate seller who will take a low-ball offer.

Someone who is genuinely interested and has means will ask about the bike, and want to see it, and that should be your goal — negotiating in person.

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Serious negotiation takes place in person, with cash in hand. As a seller, you will likely get a lot of calls, texts, and emails that just waste your time, but you only need one real buyer to make a deal happen. As we mentioned in our guide to How To Buy a Used Motorcycle, if you plan to make a low offer, it helps to do your homework and show justification for your low price such as other similar bikes for sale for less money.

As the seller, this works as well. If you do all your homework and preparation up front as a seller, you can make selling your bike a great deal, rather than an ordeal! Buy Now, Pay Over Time!

Learn more. CALL: Well…this is one way to get attention to your For Sale ad!