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In awe of games. There is no other entertainment medium that can make me feel like that. This game, this particular ape even, is the reason games mean so much to so many people. You can be engrossed in fighting a giant ape, stopping a crazy man with a nuclear robot tank, slaying double-crossing gods… whatever you choose to enjoy those stresses of the day will wash away all the same.

And I plead with you to try it if you are thinking about it. For example, if I see a horrible looking mini-boss on the road ahead, do I dive in like the brave ninja warrior that I am? Trusting my superior reflexes and skills? I double back, do a quick bit of XP grinding and bank a skill point.

Buy a few coin purses. Hey presto, I can die over and over without losing a thing. Well… other than self-respect obviously, but skill points are more useful.

Finally, should this game have an easy mode? Not in my opinion, no. I simply would not be taking 10 or 15 attempts to beat just one boss if I could change it.

Lose those heart-pounding, breath-holding, sweaty palm-inducing moments that a game like this creates. I love that and am excited to find out if I am good enough in the fights to come. I have had incredible fun so far with Sekiro. The denial of the Shadow can lead to physical, emotional, psychological, and interpersonal consequences that last for a very long time. However, it comes at a great cost to us.

We are born whole and complete, but we slowly learn to live fractioned lives, accepting some parts of our nature but rejecting and ignoring other parts. These are just a few examples. In fact, many of the spiritual and new age teachings out there provide an escape for those who do not want to be responsible for the entirety of themselves and their lives. Many spiritual and religious movements completely ignore or condemn the darker elements such as anger, vengeance, control, fear, shame, competitiveness, jealousy, and lust. But this is a tragic mistake with dire consequences.

The more our darkness is avoided, the more it grows within us, waiting like a volcano to gush out at any unexpected moment. Yet from my own experience, this is a form of spiritual bypassing : using spirituality to avoid everything uncomfortable within us instead of facing it with honesty and courage. Furthermore, actually turning toward your Shadow Self helps you to embrace these disconnected parts of yourself, creating more psychological and spiritual balance wholeness. Denying your darkness only creates chaos and disharmony.

To integrate an inner quality is to take ownership and responsibility for it, rather than rejecting or denying it. The benefits are many: sanity, healing, greater compassion, calmness, understanding, and wholeness are all to be found in integration. This is why integration is so essential: it helps us to become whole again. Throughout history, the left has always been associated with dark, radical or sinister elements. The right-handed path seeks to improve the personal self, overcome its flaws, but the left-handed seeks investigation, seeks to face the shadows in its pursuit of self-care.

Just as is represented in the ancient symbol of the Yin and Yang, when you balance both opposites, the dichotomy of right and left will disappear. Personally, I like to think that first there was darkness. Unlike light, darkness is infinite.

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Under every rock, you will find darkness, but light and darkness need each other to come into existence. Unless you learn to first embrace that darkness within yourself, you can never pursue the light of self-love in a balanced way. Unless the foundation of your home is solid and stable, no matter how beautifully you decorate and work on the house itself, sooner or later your house will collapse and crumble down. All of us carry demons inside.

Shadow Self: How to Embrace Your Inner Darkness (3 Techniques)

Sometimes we catch fleeting glimpses of them, sometimes we witness them in full frontal chaos, but for the most part, we ignore and bury their existence either out of fear, guilt or pure shame. Discovering our demons is a vital part of inner work.

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Our inner demons come in many different shapes and varieties. This person displays the following characteristics: arrogance, egocentricity, pompousness, inconsiderateness, self-indulgence, narcissism, excessive pride. Root cause: fear of life, others, and self; desire to regain control. This person displays the following characteristics: paranoia, obsessiveness, suspiciousness, finicky, demanding, masochistic, compulsive behavior. This person displays the following characteristics: secretive, impulsive, frivolous, irresponsible, deceitful, unreliable.

This person displays the following characteristics: moody, melodramatic, manipulative, weepy, overemotional, impulsive, changeable. This person displays the following characteristics: suspicious, jealous, possessive, bossy, obsessive. Root cause: protection against feeling too vulnerable.

This person displays the following characteristics: negative, overcritical, patronizing, resentful, cantankerous. Root cause: fear of others, mistrust of life, closed heart. This person displays the following characteristics: ruthless, vengeful, bitchy, quick-tempered, quarrelsome. Root cause: fear and rejection of the unknown, chaos, and ego death. This person displays the following characteristics: uptight, intolerant, obstinate, uncompromising, inflexible, narrow-minded.

This person displays the following characteristics: superficial, cunning, inconsistent, sly, crafty. Root cause: buried grief, fear, and shame numbness is a defense. This person displays the following characteristics: emotionally detached, distant, indifferent, uncaring, unexcited. Root cause: repressed sexual energy, possible unresolved childhood wounds.

Standing in the Shadows of Love

This person displays the following characteristics: sadistic, lustful, depraved, corrupt. Root cause: refusal to grow up, lack of individuated ego. This person displays the following characteristics: puerile, petty, immature, illogical, simpleminded, vacuous. How many of these inner Monsters can you relate to? Keep in mind that this list only explores the dark side of the shadow, not the light side where the positive repressed qualities of our nature are buried.

'Shadows' poems - Hello Poetry

If we face up to our dark side, our life can be energized. If not, there is the devil to pay. Many religions symbolize these experiences well. When I write about embracing or integrating your shadow self, I do not mean to indulge in any desire that arises within you. Indulging your anger, for instance, will simply result in more anger. Daily Produced by Harold Faltermeyer. Album Wild Child. Love in the Shadows Lyrics You saw me standing alone in the dark Lost in the silence of my heart Crying for angels, crying for light Crying for someone tonight No time for wasting, no time for truce No time for innocent lies Touch me like heroes straight from your eyes Lead me to worlds far beyond And I know it's you for freedom And I know you can fill the space in me I need secrets in the dark, love in the shadows Passion burning out from under my skin Take me for a ride until the night time's over When daylight steals the magic of the dark I'll give no reasons and no border lines Kill the fire that brakes the heart alone No more crying for angels, crying for light Crying for someone tonight And I know it's you for freedom And I know you can fill the space in me.

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