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Founded in , the organisation is run by young people aged 16 to 26, and overseen by an advisory board. Oaktree collaborates with like-minded youth partners in countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and India. Together, they grow the capability and influence of young people across their region.

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In Australia, Oaktree focuses on advocating for the value of youth voices. Their community-driven campaigns connect young Australian voices to decision-makers to influence policy change on issues of justice, like Australian aid.

After winning a World Vision contest to visit development programs in the Philippines , aged 13 years, Evans went on exchange to Woodstock School in the Himalayas in India two years later. A further trip to the rural valley communities of the KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa, where he volunteered with World Vision, saw him return to Melbourne in and join with Mackay and other young people to establish Oaktree, with the purpose of combating some of the inequalities that Evans had witnessed. The mission statement of Oaktree as of is "Oaktree is young people leading, demanding and creating a more just world.

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Oaktree supports the following international aid and development: [6]. Oaktree runs educational programs that aim to transform Australians into dedicated and effective agents of change in acting on extreme poverty. Live Below the Line , run in partnership between Oaktree and the Global Poverty Project , is a 5-day extreme poverty awareness and fundraising campaign.

The campaign encourages members of the general public in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom to participate in order to develop a better understanding of the daily challenges faced by the 1. The participants use their daily experiences to bring extreme poverty to the awareness of others.

Other smaller programs include Generate and Schools 4 Schools focused on advocacy and peer-to-peer education respectively. In , Oaktree claimed that, together with World Vision and other advocacy groups, their advocacy via the End Child Slavery campaign contributed to an announcement by Cadbury Australia that it will change its milk chocolate range to fair trade sources. Another aim of the concert was to encourage the G20 to make policies that are equitable for developing countries.


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The concert was timed to coincide with the G20 Summit which was being hosted by then-Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello. The aim of the event was to create public awareness of preventable poverty and to get the message to members of the G20 summit that "more financial aid should be given to poorer nations". This then enables the students to get high enough grades to receive scholarships for their tuition. To provide mentoring for the recipients More important than the money, the students are in great need for emotional support and guidance for their lives due to their lack of family.

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Mentors call the students weekly and meet up with the student once a month. As students have progressed in the program they have expressed that they appreciate their mentor much more than the money. Support the Mission.

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